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Kumo Resources is aware of the large role our environment is playing in our daily life. Kumo Resources has appointed a sustainable development officer, Cornel van Eck, who is responsible for the way Kumo Resources takes care of mitigating any environmental and social impact risks.


All of our contracted geologists hold post graduate degrees in earth sciences. As geologists, the team are acutely aware of the environment and surroundings they work in. The team is professionally trained in working towards mitigating any environmental and social impact risks, no matter how small. 

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Soil and water

We understand the lakes, rivers, and soil are a critical part of the environment and deserve the upmost respect. Prior to undertaking any work, Kumo Resources will conduct a full assessment of any potential hazards to the environment and carry out the relevant actions to mitigate the risks during our work. Prior to our work starting baseline water and soil samples will be collected for analysis. This will allow us to monitor the environment throughout our work and ensure that no changes have taken place.  

Climate change

Kumo Resources keeps a growing attention to the world climate change. From direct field activity to desktop work, no matter how small the footprint, there are carbon emissions. On every project we work on, carbon neutralization is a central topic. The ways of reducing carbon emission we use are:

  • We separate our waste

  • No excessive driving

  • Use of recycled and/or sustainable objects

  • We are economical with using of lights and laptops

  • Carbon neutral air travel

We have donated a corporate gift to Naturvernforbundet, a Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation whose vision is: a sustainable future on a healthy and living planet.

We are planning to do this on a yearly basis depending on our carbon emission. The formula we use is NOK 800 is equal to 1 ton of Carbon Dioxide. These offset costs are based on the current Norwegian carbon tax law.

Currently we donated an amount of: NOK 18,245.39


Locally sourced metals

By undertaking early-stage mineral exploration we underline the importance of locally sourced minerals for the green energy transition under their highest standards. Keeping it local reduces global maritime logistics that cause  carbon emissions.


At Kumo Resources we believe that input and knowledge from the local community are crucial for a successful exploration project. We want to engage and consult with all stakeholders and local communities of Norway, including the Sámi. Our goal is to build sustainable relationships. We will ensure we have the lowest possible impact on the environment and communities throughout the exploration process.

The Sámi

We aim to work with the Sámi on our exploration projects, ensuring that the local Sámi communities are consulted at all stages. 


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