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Sedimentary-hosted Stratiform Copper in the East and IOCG targets in the North

Flintfjellet and Fiskarfjellet

  • Flintfjellet: 15 fully granted exploration licences (147 km2) & Fiskarfjellet: 7 fully granted exploration licences (51 km2)

  • Project is located 2-4 hours drive from Alta, a large population center with good geological and mining service providers based in the city

  • Alta is easily accessible year round with multiple flights each day from Oslo

  • Project is accessible via a municipal 4x4 track

  • Low population areas, several large land blocks generally owned by the state forestry service

  • Good communications and an existing working relationship established with the Sami communities with interests in the project

  • A total of 159 rockchip samples collected over the field season

  • Main outcrop saw cut channel sampled – best interval of 5m @ 0.43% Cu and 0.03 g/t Au

  • Established that mineralisation is Sedimentary -hosted Stratiform Copper in the east and IOCG targets in the north

  • Extensive Cu mineralisation recognised in an underexplored geological terrane prospective for Cu

  • Next possible step: reconnaissance drilling on known outcropping mineralisation and areas undercover and along strike

  • Please reach out to us for a dedicated project presentation with further details and information

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