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Copper-cobalt rich polymetallic project


  • 3 fully granted exploration licences (30 km2) - subject to a 2% NSR

  • The Misvær project is located 1 hour drive south east of Bodø

  • Bodø is easily accessible year round with multiple flights each day from Oslo

  • The project is accessible on foot or by ATV

  • Work to date includes:

  • 32 rock chip and grab samples from waste piles (up to 9.48% Cu and 0.43% Co)

  • Test line of soil samples picking out a soil anomaly over the project area (15 survey points)

  • Walking ground magnetic survey

  • Geological mapping

  • Misvær is situated within the northern margin of a NNW-SSE trending ultramafic body. It is part of a 15km long crescent-shaped string of prospective ophiolite fragments within the Norwegian Caledonides

  • Misvær is a Cu-Co rich polymetallic (Cu, Co, Ni, Zn, S) project. Deposit genesis is enigmatic; a diapiric ascent of mantle peridotites into ocean floor volcanites and sulphidic exhalites is proposed. The Misvær project seems somewhat comparable to the very large and famous Outokumpu deposit

  • Planned work includes:

  • Completion of the soil grid over the target geology

  • Ground Electromagnetic survey to define massive sulphide

  • Results dependent, drill ready targets will be defined and ready to drill late 2022

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